Proceedings of the 2nd IAH Central European Groundwater Conference (2015)




About this volume


    The second IAH-CEG* Conference Groundwater Risk Assessment in Urban Areas – GRAUA has been held in Constanta – Romania during 14-16 October 2015. Looking back to this event we do consider that the national and international attendance as well as the discussed topics highlighted once again the interest for the continuation of this initiative.

     With the aim of augmenting the conference inputs and outputs, AHR decided to expand the volume of abstracts by following the proposal regarding the potential publication of the full papers of interested authors, bearing in mind that there might be various situations which may hamper such initiative.

    Several options were thus considered and discussed with the potential contributors and eventually, on the basis of the positive answers, it was decided to gather the papers in a separate volume of CEG Proceedings. 

    Throughout the intense correspondence with the authors a basic set of instructions for the paper preparation was agreed and applied in order to streamline the technical editing of the volume. However our proposed deadline for the completion of the volume has been delayed few times and there still were impediments in finalizing the volume. Consequently the editorial board proposed to assist those who participated but due to various reasons couldn’t complete or have other intentions with their paper by merging the existing (already published) abstracts with some of the most important slides presented during the conference. All contributions prepared as full papers or as enhanced (extended) abstracts eventually received the agreement of the authors.

    The present volume includes 12 full papers either in English or Romanian (with a larger abstract in English) and a number of 13 extended abstracts, prepared as mentioned above, out of a total number of 30 GRAUA presentations. We hope that our initiative will meet your aspirations for future cooperation in the frame of CEG and we also assume that the gathered and published information will be of interest for the members of our community by sharing in a more accessible form the actual CEG research directions and the results of our (many times similar) technical problems and accomplishments.

 *CEG Conference – Central Europe Groundwater Conference


 AHR Editorial board