GENERAL HYDROGEOLOGY is entirely dedicated to the DESCRIPTIVE(WHERE &WHEN) function.The result of GENERAL HYDROGEOLOGY studies is the  Conceptual Model of  hydrostructures with three components:

  • Spatial Models (SM) for:
    • vadose zone
    • aquifers
  • Parametrical Models (MP) for:
    • total flow of the river
    • the mineral matrix of the aquifer (porozitypermeability etc.)
    • the interaction of groundwater with the mineral matrix (hydraulic conductivity, hydraulic diffusivity etc. )
    • the interaction of the mineral matrix with the fluids associated with groundwater (hydrodynamic dispersion, advection etc.) 
  • Energy Models (EM) for:
    • gravitational potential
    • pore water potential (capillary, osmotic, electrochemical)
    • kinetic potential