Lecture Notes & Applications

                                              Basic things



Hydraulics (H) is the application part of Fluid Mechanics (MF) that studies liquids:

  • MF studies the rest and movement of fluids as well as the interaction with the solid bodies they come into contact with.
  • MF and H allow the approach and understanding of complex geological processes such as:
    • movement of tectonic plates under the effect of convection currents 
    • transfer of lithophilic elements from the oceanic to continental crust 
    • generation of metal deposits through the circulation of thermal fluids
    • generation of sedimentary deposits result of transport processes in solution
    • migration and accumulation of oil, gas and groundwater 

Hydraulics and Underground Hydraulics study the movement and balance of real fluids and in order to solve practical engineering problems:

    • effect of hydrostatic pressure on dams 
    • movement of fluid under pressure in pipes
    • free surface movement of fluids in channels, pipes and over spills
    • fluid movement on the slopes of the river basins
    • transfer fluids from the hydrographic network into the deep geological structures.
    • drainage of groundwater 

The course of UNDERGROUND HYDRAULICS has been sustained over time at the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics by: Veceslav HARNAJ, Alina POPOVICI, Marius ALBU, Alexandru DANCHIV, Daniel SCRADEANU. The application problematic addressed by the course of Underground Hydraulics is developed in the courses:

    • Hydrogeology
    • Investigarion of aquifers 
    • Pollution and protection of groundwater
    • Mining Hydrogeology
    • Environmental Hydrogeology
    • Simulation of groundwater flow
    • Hydrogeology for geotechnical studies